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Autor(a):   Torres Colón, Magda L. & Santos Rivera, Lidia E.
Título:   Application Project: CORI+ for ESL Learners.
Idioma:   Inglés
Año:   Mayo 2008
Localización Tesis en Formato Impreso:   Centro de Acceso a la Información UIPR - Ponce. (Formato Digital)
Tesis Formato Electrónico   (Texto Completo Digital)
Resumen (Abstract)


     The purpose of this application project: CORI + for ESL learners, was to adapt the ESL reading curriculum in the secondary level of Puerto Rico’s public school system to an inviting, hands-on and motivating structural plan that could enhance students reading habits as well as to provide teachers of ESL with an alternative tool to promote ESL acquisition.
The framework utilized for this project was, the Concept Oriented Reading Instruction model as presented by Guthrie, Wigfield, & Perencevich, (2004) and the English Program’s Content Standards and Expectations of 2007 of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico.

     Merging the main objectives and ideas of both resulted in the creation of an innovative concept oriented reading instruction framework aimed for students of English as a Second Language in the secondary level of Puerto Rico’s public school system. As a result, ESL teachers of secondary level, specifically 8th and 10th grade levels have not only an instructional framework but a guide that will allow them to apply this concept in their classrooms, adapting it as they wish or need according to their group’s specific needs.

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