Pets need  to receive good care from their owners. Draw pictures showing children caring for pets.
Bookmarks help us find our way out of and into books. Make bookmarks. 
Home-made  clay is a useful substance for molding into different shapes. Make a dog out of classroom-made clay. 
Crayons and watercolor paints are useful for artwork. Make a mystery picture with while crayon and one shade of watercolor paint.
A mural is a big painting that shows all the scenes of a story Make a mural that depicts a story. 
Stormy  weather  means heavy rains and dark clouds. Make rain and cloud collages to demonstrate stormy weather.
Kites are carried along in the shy by the wind. Make paper-plate kites. 
Using a diorama to show what we know helps us to explain it. Make a spider diorama. Tell about it. 
Castles are large buildings that housed nobility in the Middle Ages. Make cardboard castles. Make sand castles. 
Stories have a beginning, middle, and ending. Illustrate beginning, middle, and end of a story on a mural.
Making puppets and 'role-playing" with them increases English vocabulary and makes stories more interesting. Make sock puppets based on literature. Make a stage. 
Dressing up like the animals we read about is fun and helps us to see what the animal looks like and does. Make large paper-bag bunny costumes. 
Using everyday objects can he creative. 
Make frames for “Family Portraits” out of peas and beans.
Trying to imagine how we ourselves look helps us to draw carefully and express our feelings about ourselves. Draw self-portrait on skates. 
Certain kinds of animals five on a farm. Make a farm animal and farm scene mural.
A sheep is a farm animal that gives us wool. Make cottonball sheep.
Different animals leave different prints. Make animal prints frown plastic foam.
String pictures can show attractive designs. 
Create designs with string and paint to make string pictures.
A rainbow shows the many colors of the spectrum. Red, yellow, blue are primary colors. Mix colors using red, yellow, and blue paint. Make a rainbow. 
Polar bears are white animals that live in a land of snow and ice. 
Make pictures of polar bears, cover with glue, sprinkle with rice, coconut or shredded paper.
Building a “wolf-proof" house helps us to understand how a house is constructed. Design a house that wouId be 'wolf-proof" and strong.
Turtles are unusual-shaped animals that five in land and water. Make a collage of turtles. 
Different children grow at different rates during the year. Trace growth of classmates at the beginning and end of the school year.
Different children grow at different rates during the year. Trace own footprints and hand prints. Compare growth in the future.
We can make a story more interesting by using puppets and retelling it in our own English words. Make mouse-puppets. Retell a story. 
Jungles have various trees, plants, ponds, flowers and animals. Make a jungle mural. 
Children tell stories in their own English words by using puppets to "act it out." Make paper-bag puppets. 
Imagination is a valuable quality that can produce figurative language. Draw pictures of favorite animals doing things people would do.
Making a clay or dough animal that we have read about helps us appreciate the story more. Read hear stories. Make a clay or dough bear. 
Frogs have special shapes that are fun to draw. Draw frog pictures. 
A collage helps to show other people visually what we have learned. Make a country scene collage. 
Children can do many activities together. 
Create an art mural that depict activities that children can do together.
Having and being a friend is very important to each of us. Create a friendship mural illustrating what a friend is.
Presenting a puppet show improves our English vocabulary and artistic ability. Make puppets and present a puppet show. 
Different artists have different styles of drawing and painting. Compare artists illustrations. 
A story board shows the sequence of events of a story. Draw pictures and tape them together to create a story board.
Flip books are fun and easy to make. Make flip books.
Friendship is a valuable thing. Make friendship “T” shirts.
Houses are built according to a plan. Design houses.
Each animal makes unique sounds and gestures. Write and illustrate animal similes. 
Farms help to feed us. Build a model farm.
People should help each other. Draw pictures of oneself helping others.
Friendship is a valuable quality. Make a friendship collage.
Different animals have different physical characteristics. Make clay models of animals. 
Interesting articles can he made by weaving. Weave a bookmark. 
Different animals migrate in different ways. 
Create an accordion book to show animal migration.
Different kinds of settings make stories come alive. Create imaginary scenery for a real story. 
Designing costumes iS good exercise for the imagination. Design a costume to wear to a party. 
Responsibilities should be taken care of before we have fun. Sequence three chores to he done before attending a party.
Different people enjoy playing different games. Make dioramas of teams playing different games. Use figures that move.
Maps help us to find where we want to go. 
Draw a treasure map and directions for following it.
Illustrations help us to understand a story. Illustrate a scene from a story.
Paul Bunyan was a famous mythical hero. Create a diorama of Paul Bunyan clearing a forest.
Everyone enjoys a good joke. Illustrate a joke.
Origami is Japanese paper-folding. Make origami.
People have different hobbies. Make a hobby collage.
Pictures can tell a story in sequence. Draw story Pictures.
Everyone’s artistic talents can be appreciated. Have a class art exhibit. 
We need to learn how to utilize all of the library’s facilities. Make a map of the school library. 
Poem are meant to be read and enjoyed. 
Write and illustrate a book of favorite poems.
Everyone can be brave. Draw pictures of Frog and Toad being brave.
Plant life and animals in a pond change with seasons. Make dioramas of a pond in the 4 seasons. 
People live in different settings. 
Construct murals of urban, rural, and suburban areas.
Cowboys wear special hats to protect them from wind, sun, and weather. Make a cowboy hat. 
Some Indians lived in pueblos with other Indians. Construct a pueblo. 
Indians wove baskets to store things. Weave a paper basket.
Clay is useful for molding. Make clay animals.
Quilt-making is a useful and colorful skill. Make a quilt.
A train carries freight and passengers on its own track. Draw and make a train. 
A book cover tells us what the bock is about. Design a book cover for an original book.
lt's valuable to imagine a story happening in our own community. Draw Johnny Appleseed planting seeds in our own community.
Fruits are attractive to look at as well as to eat. Make a fruit collage. 
Singing in English helps us to learn and enjoy English. Sing “The Lost Dog” song. 
Singing in English helps us to learn and enjoy English. Sing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.” 
Music sometimes sounds like nature. 
Use hand-made instrument to produce “stormy” sounds.
The wind moves differently in different kinds of weather. Circle game that portrays wind's movement. 
Singing in English helps us to learn and enjoy English. To the tune of “Frere Jacques” sing a song about bugs.
Singing in English helps us to learn and enjoy English. Sing “She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain.”
Singing in English helps us to learn and enjoy English. Learn a song that was sung by the characters in story.
Singing in English helps us to learn and enjoy English. Sing and do circle dance for "Here We Go Looby Loo.”
Singing in English helps us to learn and enjoy English. Sing “Good Morning to You." 
Using English vocabulary in a song can make it more fun and help us to illustrate ¡t or to dramatize it. Sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." Illustrate song. 
Using English vocabulary in a song can make it more fun and help us to illustrate ¡t or to dramatize it. Sing farm songs and dramatize them. 
Using English vocabulary in a song can make it more fun and help us to illustrate ¡t or to dramatize it. Sing “The Turtles Down the Road." How do the turtles move?
Music and movement together are effective. Learn the teapot song.
Creating new verses for a song improves English vocabulary and helps us enjoy the original song even more. Sing song. Create new verses. 
Understanding song meanings helps us to appreciate the song. Discuss song's meanings. 
Musical sound effects can be created by ordinary objects, not just instruments. Use different objects to create musical sound effects.
Singing songs about people and their pets shows how much people care about their pets. Sing songs about people and their pets. 
listening to songs carefully and thinking about our feelings towards them helps us to appreciate songs more. Listen to songs, respond. 
Different songs have different rhythms. Sing counting and rowing songs.
Music gives pleasure. Learn about harmonicas.
Different kinds of music affect people in different ways. Make semantic map about what music is and doe for people.
Music and dance are both arts that can be enjoyed. Listen to classical music and construct original dances to it.
Weather affects how the sea appears. 
Use drawings and music to create the “moods" of the sea.
A people's music can tell us much about their culture. Learn some Native American (Indian) songs.
Different music affects people in different ways. Listen to music as you draw. 
A music book contains much information about songs and melodies. Examine a music book. 
Singing for others' enjoyment is a happy experience. Perform a song for other classes in your school.