Telling a foIk tale helps us to learn Puerto Rican culture and use English vocabulary. Research and tell a short Puerto Rican foIk tale. Use good expression.
A chart is a visual way of representing information. Make a chart listing class-recommended English books.
Knowing how books are arranged in a library helps us to locate them easily. Diagram how books are arranged in the school library.
Poetic language changes the way oral language evolves over the years. Compare poetry of long ago with poetry toay.
Country/Western music reflects its culture. Listen to Country/Western music Tell how it makes you feel .
Writing original songs helps us show what we know about cowboys. In cooperative groups, write original cowboy songs.
Different parts of keyboard instruments make different sounds. Label parts of keyboard instruments. Make a class book of your illustrations
Writing new words helps us use our English vocabulary. Write new words for a familiar English tune.
lmagination helps us to make songs come alive. 
Sing Kermit the Frog’s song, "it's Not Easy Being Green. "Tell how it feels to he a frog.
Classical music sounds different from today's music, but it can still be appreciated. Compare the classical music that was played during the time of the story with today's music.
Exaggeration makes songs amusing. 
Study "exaggeration” in the song “Sweet Betsy from Pike."
Different birds make different sounds. Plan a nature walk. Record bird sounds.
Writing new lyrics helps us use our English vocabulary. 
Write new lyrics to favorite tunes cooperatively. Class plays “Name That Tune" game.
Learning famous lullabies helps us to improve our English vocabulary. Learn classic English lullabies. 
Writing original folk songs helps us to appreciate real folk songs. Sing folk songs. Write an original one. 
The sea stimulates the imagination. 
Listen to a song that was inspired by the sea.
Songs of a certain era and place reflect that era and place. Listen to some Old West songs. Compare them with Puerto Rican songs.
The National Anthem and patriotic songs remind us of events that make us proud. Learn about the National Anthem Learn “The Star Spangled Banner." Compare patriotic songs from both cultures.
Percussion instruments make unique sounds. Learn about percussion instruments after discussing the Liberty Bell.
Tall Tales are even more amusing when we focus on their characters. Sing songs about characters in Tall Tales.
The Polka is a lively dance from Central Europe. Listen to and learn to dance the Polka. 
Square knots won't come apart by pulling one end. Learn to make a square Knot. 
Soccer is an interesting and world-famous “football" game. Study the history of soccer, how it's played. Name some favorite players.
Acting out “action” words helps us to appreciate their value. Demonstrate “action" words the author uses in the story: bounce, jump, soar, etc.
The out-of-doors world is a a fascinating place. Plan a nature hike with your class. 
Learning the rules of baseball helps us to play it. Brainstorm the rules for baseball Play the game, if possible.
The bicycle has changed drastically since its beginnings. Do a time-tine showing how it has changed.
The 3 types of bicycle racing are different in some ways. Make a chart of the 3 types of bicycle racing: track, road, and motorcross.
Doing stretching exercises is good preparation for a hike. Do stretching exercises that might be done before a hike.
The Olympic Games originated in Elis in ancient Grecce and are played every four years  today in different places. Research the origin of ancient Olympic: Games. Compare the ancient events with those of today.
Different games are popular in different places. 
Describe games that are popular in Puerto Rico. Describe a game played else, but not here.
Ocean depths are measured in fathoms. One fathom equals six feet. Create math problems using fathoms and feet.
Bar graphs enable us to compare different amounts of the same thing. Create a bar graph showing the number of animals in an imaginary jungle.
A time-line shows a sequence of important events. 
Make a time-fine that charts the fife of someone you admire. Show the age of that person at each event.
Knowing the price per pound helps us calculate the total price of things we buy. 
Find the current price per pound of chicken or turkey. Using multiplication, decide how much the 266 pound bird in the story would cost.
A cartoon requires many successive frames to suggest motion. 
Figure how many frasmes you would need for a W minute cartoon frown information gleaned in the article.
We need to know how to estimate the money we have, can spend or need to save. Calculate how much money the character in the story has, spends and saves.
Writing math problems helps us use our math knowledge and improve our English vocabulary. Write math problems using animal facts. 
Mathematics is a worldwide language. 
Make math posters using mathematical symbols.
Roman numerals were used in ancient times instead of the numbers we use today. Learn to recognize Roman numerals. 
Math problems give us the chance to practice our English vocabulary and improve our math skills. Solve math problems using chameleons and guinea 
Math problems give us the chance to practice our English vocabulary and improve our math skills. Create math story problems that pertain to storms at sea. 
Math problems give us the chance to practice our English vocabulary and improve our math skills. Create math story problems that pertain to baby-sitting lees in the story, and in reality. Discuss.
Putting things in rank order shows how they relate to each other in some numerical way. Rank countries that played World Cup Soccer, from the ones who won the most to the countries that had the fewest victories.
Line graphs are visual ways of comparing related quantities. Develop a line graph that relates money earned with hours worked on a job you would like to do.
Charts enable us to make computations by using a chart of some kind. Compute the length of bridges in total feet from a chart. Find out how long the main span and approaches are of some bridges in Puerto Rico.
A scale is a way of showing distances in smaller units. Draw your classroom using two different scales.
Many primitive prople developed simple counting instruments for everyday use. Investigate the counting instrument called the “quipu" that the Incas used for recording information.
Charts are visual ways of showing different kinds of information. Chart measurement of dolphins in feet and meters.
The Doldrums was an area where there was very little wind to move sailing ships in olden times. Discuss the Doldrums, where ships were becalmed.
The planets have characteristics that can he measured. Make a chart of the planets: diameter, distance from the sun, rotation, temperature and number of satellites.
Using English-language newspapers helps us learn and use English vocabulary. In the real-estate Section of the paper find the cost of houses and buildings. List and calculate differences in cost.
If we know how fast we walk, we can calculate travel time for a certain distance. Calculate how long it would take to walk 25 miles. 
The underwater world has its own special careers. Chart careers that relate to the underwater world. Describe each.
library science is an interesting career. Invite a librarian to talk to the class about his/her job.
Music teaching is a rewarding career. 
Invite a music teacher to talk to the class.
A career sometimes requires much time and practice to become good at it. 
Research the steps it takes to become a ballerina or a baseball player. Present it orally.
Many stories can be made into movies. Design “movie” posters adverusing the story as a movie. Write captions.
It helps us to learn all about computers. 
Invite someone who uses a computer to cha to explain how it works. Visit a computer.
It helps us to learn what, a writing career requires. 
Discuss what a writer does. Interview people in the community to see how much writing they do at work.
It helps us to learn why people chose the careers they did. 
Interview people in health care and in newspaper professions to find out why they chose those careers.
Brainstorming about careers that require good writing skills shows how important good writing skills are. Brainstorm which careers require good writing skill. Write to an author. 
Child-care workers are especially trained to look out for children's welfare. Research and discuss childcare worker. 
Architects are designers of buildings and other structures. Learn about career in architecture. Investigate the requirements.
Law-enforcement careers include police forces at local and lsland level. Learn about law-enforcement careers. 
Writers of children's books must understand children and know what appeals to them. Discuss the carrer of an author of children’s books. 
Astronomers are people who study the stars and planets. Discuss careers that involve working in astronomy.
Travel jobs help or require people to go from one place to another. Discuss jobs that revolve around travel.