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U.I.P.R. – Recinto de Ponce

Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico

Recinto de Ponce

Centro de Acceso a la Información


Programa Maestría en Administración Internacional de Empresas


Accountancy; London
Accounting and Business Research; London
Accounting and Finance; Clayton
Accounting Horizons; Sarasota

Accounting, Organizations and Society; Oxford
The Accounting Review; Sarasota
Accounting Technology; Boston

Auditing; Sarasota
American Business Law Journal; Austin
Australian CPA; Melbourne
Australian Business Law Review; Sydney

Behavioral Research in Accounting; Sarasota

Business Entities; Boston
Business Korea; Seoul
Business Mexico; Mexico City
Canadian Business; Toronto
The Canadian Business Law Journal; Agincourt

Contemporary Accounting Research; Toronto
Corporate Accounting; Boston
Corporate Finance; London
Corporate Financing; New York
Corporate Taxation; New York, N.Y.
The Corporation Law Review; Boston
CPA Client Bulletin; New York
The CPA Journal; New York

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice; Waco

Financial & Accounting Systems; Boston
Forensic Accounting Review and Computer Security Digest; Plymouth
ICP Administrative & Accounting Software; Indianapolis
Internal Auditing; Boston

The Internal Auditor; Altamonte Springs

International Journal of Government Auditing; Washington

Issues in Accounting Education; Sarasota

Journal of Accounting & Economics; Amsterdam
Journal of Accounting Research; Chicago
Journal of Accounting and Public Policy; New York
Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance; Boston
The Journal of Bank Accounting & Auditing; New York
Journal of Business Finance & Accounting; Oxford
Journal of Construction Accounting & Taxation; Boston

Journal of Education for Business [H.W. Wilson - EDUC]
Journal of Small Business Management; Milwaukee
Management Accounting (pre-1986); Montvale
Journal of Management Accounting Research; Sarasota
National Association of Accountants. NAA Management Accounting (pre-1986); New York

The Practical Accountant; Boston
Real Estate Accounting & Taxation; Boston
National Association of Accountants. NAA Management Accounting (pre-1986); New York

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