The terminology throughout this text has been used to limit and delimit the meaning of these words according to their use in this document.


Process of judging student behavior or product; 
comprehends evaluation and testing. it may include rating scales, observation checklists, content analysis and/or interviews. 
Anecdotal record  
Written observations by the teacher; it provides a continuous account of student behavior while learning. 
Rapid suggestion of ideas and discussion on a specific theme/subject without taking time to evaluate each one. 
Concept mapping 
An assessment technique based on clustering used to determine how well a student understand concepts and relationships. 
The unity of aspects that connects content in order to give meaning and continuity. 
Context standards 
Knowledge, skills, and understanding that students 
should acquire to attain competency in different areas. 
Statement of both the content and methodology of teaching a course of sequence of courses; a content guide. 
Process of interpreting our making judgements about assessment data to determine the extent of achievement of instructional objectives. 
Formative tests 
Tests administered during the process of learning. 
An ongoing written record of a student's thoughts based on self-selected topics of personal interest. 
A rating indicating the level of attainment of a desired 
quality; a percentage of correct answers on a given 
test. In criterion-referenced assessment, assessment 
is specified as degrees of attainment (a score or a 
rating) based on what is possible. 
Performance Standard 
The quality of student attainment required to demonstrate his/her competency level in a subject area. 
A collection of forms of evidence written or otherwise  based on learning and classroom experiences. 
Reading/writing process 
Relationship between encoding and decoding language and putting it down on paper. 
One who gets a message, decodes it and may react upon it. 
An established set of criteria for scoring or rating 
student's tests, portfolios and/or performance. 
One who transmit a message. 
Summative tests  
Tests given/taken at the end of the learning process 
to ascertain learning competencies. 
A series of short, uninterrupted public speeches, 
often involving a panel of experts. 
Rules of conduct/behavior whose purpose is to do 
good and avoid evil.