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Proposal: Technology Connections for Educational Institutional, Libraries, and Museums

Project Description

Fast and efficient access to information is vital to any society wanting to remain in the forefront of teaching and learning.

Students and professors regularly encounter difficulties in finding primary sources to augment their knowledge, largely because of limited access time and hours of operation at their institutions. We have developed this proposal because technological access to information is a fundamental tool for success in modern society.

This proposal will provide a variety of tools to facilitate research with primary sources, using technology to enrich the teaching – learning process.  It will also create a model for collaboration among institutions, to provide greater information access for the educational community and society in general.  The project will develop data about available resources in Ponce’s Historical Archive and Museum of History. It will also increase the use of these materials at Inter American University of Puerto Rico, and in history courses in the secondary schools of Puerto Rico’s southern region.

The Collaboration Project creates a learning community by joining human and educational resources with technology. The three principal project partners are the Ponce Historical Archive, the Ponce Museum of History, and the Information Access Center at Inter American University, Ponce Campus.  These three institutions will integrate their resources on Puerto Rico’s history in a virtual collection and will place them at the service of the university community and the public school system. This integration will use digitized materials, provide Internet access to all the facilities and train professors and staff at the participating institutions. Selecting and training staff members will further the teaching of history, by applying the latest technological and pedagogical knowledge about electronic collections to the use of resources in archives and museums. The training will include using information technology and integrating primary sources in the study of history.

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) provided the funding for this proposal.