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Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: To promote the development of information technology skills among high school and university students, while integrating the use of electronically accessible primary sources into their studies.

  • Objective 1.1 To increase the use of information technology and primary sources in the curriculum, for students and professors of history both in the public schools and the Inter American University system.
  • Objective 1.2 To enable students to identify major concepts and terms; distinguish between primary and secondary sources; use various search systems to retrieve information; cite sources correctly according to type and evaluate the authority and reliability of information.

Goal 2: To develop a model of collaborative teaching and learning among educational institutions, libraries, and museums, based on sharing through technology.

  • Objective 2.1 To increase collaboration among museum and archive staffs in locating documents and making access possible to resources for studying history to IAUPC and the public school system.
  • Objective 2.2 To increase knowledge among educators at the university and the public schools about the resources available for the study of history so archive and museum documents will be incorporated into classroom activities at the university and public schools. Educators and the staff of the PHA and PMH will develop and maintain a dedicated network with course objectives, in a convenient location for using documents or accessing them electronically.

Goal 3: Develop a technology-based model for sharing human and educational resources among independent institutions.

  • Objective 3.1 To increase access, and the integration of primary sources found in the Ponce Archives and the History Museum, by creating an electronic archive.
  • Objective 3.2 To increase knowledge of technology at the Ponce History Museum and the Historical Archives.
  • Objective 3.3 To help the library staff at IAUPC gain experience in using sophisticated document and image management software.