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Information Access Center personnel have always distinguished themselves by offering a variety of quality investigative resources.  Our commitment is to serve the university community,  which constantly challenges us to provide more efficient, dynamic collections and services.  This distinguishes the Ponce Campus's CAI.
The goal is to create a supportive atmosphere for our community member's research in many fields of study.

To develop these electronic resources, we have investigated the Internet, searched our databases and made contacts with Puerto Rican governmental, educational and social agencies.  This project presents statistics on the economic, educational, scientific, political, social and other fields reflecting our development as a nation in
the Caribbean basin.  We have confidence that these important data will be valuable to our students and the general community needing statistical information for research and academic activities.  
We want to be part of your research projects; we invite faculty members, students and the community to contact us.  Together, we can explore the different fields of human knowledge.  

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787-284-1912  Ext. 2157
104 Parque Industrial Turpů RD 1, Mercedita PR 00715-1602
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