Proyecto Tesis (Disertación)






Proyecto para demostración de excelencia sometido como

requisito parcial del grado de Doctor en Filosofía con especialidad en

Comunicaciones y Turismo



Graduate School of The Union Institute




Ángela Lotti de López

16 de octubre de 1999




    This is a study of the problems with communication in the tourism activity in Puerto Rico between members of the community that are actively working in the planning and development of the tourism in Ponce and the southern area of Puerto Rico and the government officials that work in the departments that regulate this planning and development. A qualitative research interview method used with twenty participants collected oral narratives through open-ended questions related to the areas of work performed, needs of the community in terms of tourism planning and development, tourism marketing, environment preservation strategies, barriers of communications perceived, strengths and weaknesses of the City of Ponce and its infrastructure, and suggestions for improvements. The study found that there are serious problems in communication between the community member and the government officials. The content analysis structure used to reveal the different opinions of the interviewees exposes the problem encountered. It suggests the integration of the community in the process of the planning for the tourism development by legislating for an instrumentality that guarantees permanent and open means of communication to incorporate their aspirations and to receive the necessary information from the regulatory agencies responsible for the marketing and the tourism development. It proposes the coordination of the public and private sectors for the preservation of the natural resources, for the development of human resources, for the full development of the internal and external marketing of its municipalities with equal participation of the government and the community in the planning and in the exercise of the development of the tourism. It also stresses on the importance of massive educational programs for the community on the importance of the environmental protection and tourism as an economic source and on the gradual elimination of the political parties' favoritism that eradicates completely any means for effective communication. The legislation proposed requests the creation of a Tourism Committee on every municipality of the island having members of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and historians, environmentalists, organization of the industrial and business sectors as well as the people involved in the tourism activity.

 © Copyright por Dra. Ángela Lotti de López, 1999.

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