Proyecto Tesis (Disertación)


Thesis Presented as a Requirement to Obtain
a Master Degree in History

The City College of the City University of New York

Héctor Alvarez Trujillo
mayo 23, 1997


    Sugar, Labor and Conflict in Puerto Rico, 1920s-1930s.  Alvarez-Trujillo, Héctor A.  M.A. City College of New York, 1997.  86pp.  Chair: Gerardo Renique

After the 1540s gold was no longer a viable economic complex in the island of Borikén (Puerto Rico). The Spanish Crown tried to establish a new economic system based of Agriculture. The main crop was to be Sugar Cane.  From this moment on the economic history of Puerto Rico, for the most part, would be tied to the production of Sugar.  Sugar would be responsible for the growth or stagnation of the Island, slavery and labor oppression.  At the beginning of the 20TH century a new colonial power, the United States, took over the destiny of Puerto Rico.  The face of the Sugar Industry would change in order to serve its new master.  The relationship developed by the Sugar Industry and its workers was one of inequality and oppression, which in many instances explode in violence and death.

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