The writer of this project takes this opportunity to express her profound gratitude to all who have aided her in its production. To her husband Sixto, to Adriana, Irmarie, Mama Irma and Aunt Lydia, the writer's wonderful family and her friends Nydia and Olga, she is greatly indebted for their constant and continuous encouragement, comfort, patient understanding and help during the long period of toil. Mama Irma's support and loving kindness were invaluable. To Bernardette, with whom the writer laughted and cried with though many years of study, the writer expresses her utmost appreciation.


She is most grateful to the personnel of Inter American University of Puerto Rico, in particular Esperanza, Marcos and Jose; to Miss Capestany and Mrs. Borrero, the teachers that participated in the study and to Carlos Torres for his unconditional technical support.

There are no words to express adequately the degree of appreciation and indebtedness which the writer holds for Dr. Vogeli, Major Advisor, Dr. Eileen Donoghue, Co‑Advisor and wholehearted help, Dr. Philip Smith and Dr. Ginsburg.


To God and to each of the above, the writer wishes to express her heartfelt thanks for their help toward the final completion of this project.


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