Chapter 7


a. Maintain, Modify, Abandon

    Given the results of the statistical analysis in this practicum, further pursuit of this specific study will be abandoned. This does not preclude, however, continued investigation of other relationships or the studied relationships in other combinations. Since this writer still feels that some type of causal relationship may be found, a modified continuation of the study will be pursued.

b. Follow-up at the SELC

    Two specific plans will be carried out as a follow?up to this practicum. First, the raw data will be analyzed by a doctoral student in Computer Analysis in the Social Sciences to see if a more sophisticated analysis technique might yield other results. Included in this analysis may be the concurrent analysis of all predictor variables with each behavioral variable, eta-squared analysis of non-linear relationship, and other tests she may feel appropriate.

    Second, the writer is going to use the practicum computerized data to identify the best and worst behavioral days, and will then attempt to find common factors that might explain these behavioral extremes. If possible factors are found, the program may be re-run using these new predictor variables to determine if correlations exist.

c. Disseminations

    Though this practicum has made a significant finding, namely that there does not appear to be any relationship between barometric pressure/moon phase/welfare check cycle and school behavior, this "non" finding does not lend itself to publication. Consequently, immediate dissemination of this practicum will be limited to inclusion of the findings in ERIC via Nova, and mention of these findings during numerous in-service and college presentations made by the writer. If follow-up activities, as discussed in Section B above, provide other factors which demonstrate correlations, then the lack of correlation found in this practicum would become an important part of a dissemination effort showing non-correlated factors beside those which have demonstrated a correlation.

d. Conclusions and Recommendations

    Normally, Nova sees the practicum as the development of a practical solution to a local problem. Rarely has the practicum process been used to pursue a statistical analysis. It is this writer's hope that, because this practicum failed to find the sought relationships, Nova's commitment to a continuation of this type of practicum on a limited basis will not be diminished. Imagine the impact on public school education, had a relationship been found. There are statistical studies that can have important impact on local education problem solving. It is this writer's recommendation that they be allowed to continue.

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