Financial Aid

Doctorate in Philosophy in Second Language Research


What payment methods are available?


Direct Federal Loan – unsubsidized


The Direct Loan Program offers unsubsidized loans.  An unsubsidized loan is not offered based on need and originates from the U.S. Department of Education.  It has a fixed interest rate at 5.84% of the accumulated principle, from the moment of its disbursement until it has been paid in its totality.  Furthermore, it as an origination fee which is deducted from the originally requested amount (see table). Payment begins six (6) months after ceasing studies, graduating or being less than a part-time student.  Currently, the maximum amount awarded per year is $20,500.00 and is limited to an accumulation of $138.500.00.*


Direct Loan Program Fees


Origination fee

First disbursement of loan

October 1, 2014 or later and before October 1, 2015


October 1, 2015 or later and before October 1, 2016


*Subject to evaluation according to federal regulations.


Eligibility Requirements


  • The student should complete the application for financial aid (FAFSA) for the current year which is available at . The Federal Identification Code so that the Ponce Campus will receive the results is 005029.
  • The solicitant must be a U.S. citizen or have one of the following U.S. Immigration Services documents: I-94, official documentation of asylum or other evidence that U.S. residence is not temporary.  

  • Maintain student loan payments up-to-date.

  • Be admitted to and registered in a regular program.

  • Accept the financial aid offer on or before the date established by the office.

  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress as established by the University and specific academic program.

  • Complete any pre-requisites established by the academic program, if it applies, before completing 12 credits of the program.

  • If the admission is provisional due to documents that need to be provided, the student’s file should be completed before receiving the first loan disbursement.  If it is not completed, any loan or scholarship offered will be cancelled.


Alternative Loan

For information about this type of loan, access the following and search for  the different options.  
Alternative loans are evaluated in accordance with applicant’s or co-signer’s credit history (Credit Bureau). 
NOTE: If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, you need a co-signer who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.


External Scholarships


Certain public and private entities offer grant alternatives to graduate students that meet their requirements, U.S. students as well as foreign students.  These grants are completely independent of the aid offered by the Institution, so students should apply for them on their own.  Inter American University of Puerto Rico and the Ponce Campus are not responsible for the results achieved through these efforts. 
You can search for grants like these at the following link:


Aid for Veterans and Military Personnel


Veterans who wish to register and receive available educational benefits, should assure their eligibility in the Veterans Administration Office.  The application should be completed with at least three months anticipation of the desired registration date.  Services for veterans are processed via the Registrar’s Office.


Phone: 787-284-1912 Ext. 2514

Veterans, as well as eligible family members, have the right to take advantage of these benefits only for the period of time required to study and complete their academic program as disclosed in the Catalog and in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations.


Other Methods of Payment


Online Payment – Through our system  INTERWEB, you may make payments using your credit card: Visa o Master Card.

Authorized Payment – Complete the Payment Authorization Form with your credit card information  (Visa, Master Card or American Express).

Postal money order, certified check – The check or money order can be sent to our facilities by mail to the following address:  

Universidad Interamericana de PR
Recinto de Ponce
Programa de Estudios Graduados
104 Turpeaux Ind Park
Mercedita PR  00715-1602

ATH (ATM) - You may use ATH or ATM by visiting our facilities.


Is there a payment plan?
Yes, we offer deferred payment arrangements. The University provides students with the privilege of deferring seventy-five percent (75%) of the total tuition cost per semester or trimester by signing a Master Promissory Note

The deferred payment of the trimester tuition is due forty-five (45) days after the first day of classes and (75) seventy-five days after the first day of classes for a semester.


Is there an additional cost for deferred payment?
Yes, a deferred payment agreement requires a fee of six dollars ($6.00) to cover part of the administrative costs for this service.