Admissions Requirements

Doctorate in Philosophy in Second Language Research


The Doctorate in Second Language Research is a highly selective program with very specific admissions requirements. All candidates:

  1. Must have a master’s degree (or equivalent) or higher from an accredited university with a minimum academic index of 3.00. Candidates who have a master’s degree or higher in areas unrelated to language research or language teaching must approve the course ENGL 5030 Principles of Linguistics. Their admission is conditional until they pass this course. They may not take any specialization courses until this course has been approved.
  2. Must have approved a basic statistics course as part of their undergraduate or graduate studies and have approved said course with a grade of 3.00 or higher. If the candidates’ graduate or undergraduate degree did not require a course in statistics, or they did not pass said course with a grade of 3.00 or higher, they must approve EDUC 5133 or any other introductory statistics course at the graduate level with a grade of 3.00 or higher. Their admission is conditional until they pass this course. They may not take any specialization courses until this course has been approved.
  3. Be bilingual in English (all courses will be offered in English) and one other language (evidence will be required).
  4. Be able to evidence prior research experience (example: master’s thesis, course-related research, published or unpublished research) The candidates’ prior research experience will be evaluated by the admissions committee consisting of experts in methodology and second language research.


Admissions Procedure

All candidates for admission must comply with the admission procedures. They must present documents that credit their identity for authentication aims purposes (identification with photo such as a passport or current driver’s license).


Phase 1: Documentation

  • Send a copy of Social Security Card (or passport if you are an international student).
  • Complete Declaration of Major form.

*Note: This program does not require graduate school admissions exams such as the GRE or EXADEP.


Phase 2: Evaluation of submitted documentation

A committee of professors from the areas of research and second languages will evaluate the candidates’ credentials, language proficiency and research experience.  If an interview or oral presentation is required to verify research experience or language proficiency, an online interview may be required.


Phase 3: Notification and Authentication

Once the committee has reached a decision regarding your application, you will be notified.
If the decision is favorable, you will be asked to participate in an online identity verification process. Based on your academic preparation, you may be asked to take pre-requisite courses in Linguistics and/or Statistics.  In these cases, you may be admitted provisionally to the program until these requisites have been completed.


Phase 4: Course Selection and Registration

  • Following the curricular sequence you will register in your courses.

  • You will be required to take a short technological initiation course to make sure you are familiar with the platform that the university uses to deliver its online courses and other technological aspects.
  • You will also need to accept the tuition charges for your courses.