Description of Resource

Ray Petty has been actively involved in the area of classroom/school management and discipline for over 30 years.  In 1978, he created a specialized public school for violent/acting out students in the Hartford (CT) public schools.  This school provided 185 severely behaviorally disordered students (grades K-12) with a program of high academic expectations and appropriate behavioral controls.  In developing this school, Dr. Petty and his staff identified important principles, philosophies and strategies appropriate to all students/schools. 

As word of this schoolís success in changing behaviors and restoring control spread, Petty was called upon to share his expertise and experience through an extensive schedule of pre-service and in-service training sessions for both public and private schools, to teacher education classes at colleges and universities and to over 30 international/national/regional conferences.

His views have been published in leading educational journals including Educational Leadership, The Harvard Principalís Center Newsletter, The Science Teacher and The Principal, among others. 

Dr. Petty is available for individually designed presentations to school systems, teacher training classes and conferences on the topics of classroom/school management and discipline.  Each presentation is tailored to the needs of the audience and provides a working basis for on-going site-based development, implementation and evaluation.