General Information
  • The due date to apply to the program is the first Friday of March of each academic year.
  • If you are a new student, you should proceed to The Admission Office locate in the main campus. After you complete your application, the admission office sends the Program Director a list of the qualified candidates.
  • If you are a current student in the Inter American University or Ponce Campus; the candidate should proceed to the Healthcare Department and fill the application.
  • All candidates will be called to participate in a general session which discusses the steps of the admission process. At the same time, all doubts or questions are answered in that session. During the session, the admission instrument is filled by candidates in order to collect and evidence their academic performance data.
  • The top 30 candidates in the list are called and admitted in the program. Those candidates who do not grant the points to be admitted remains in a wait list until all admitted students validate their interest to enter the program.
Admission Requirements
  • Be admitted to Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, in a campus authorized to offer the Program.
  • Submit a completed admission application on or before the date stipulated by the Program.
  • Present an official and updated transcript of studies.
  • Have a general grade point average of at least 2.50.
  • Present two (2) letters of recommendation from professors who know them as students.
Admission Procedure
  • The transcript of courses taken and credits will be evaluated.
  • The absolute value of the general grade index (GPA) will be considered from 2.50 in a scale of 4.0
  • Each course taken will be assigned a value in accordance with its credit value. The assigned value will be multiplied by the numerical value of the grade obtained (A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2 points)
    • High school students:
      • The scores of the completed courses will be added (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Introduction to Computers), the total is divided by the total of credits taken and this total is multiplied by the number of courses for a total of from 0 to 16 points. (Total points ÷ total of credits = ___ total x of taken courses (maximum 4) = __).
      • Present evidence of the test results of the Test for Evaluation and Admission to Universities Studies (PEAU). Points will be awarded in agreement with the score obtained in the “PEAU” in English and mathematics, (450-549 – 2 points, 550-649 – 3 points, 650 or over – 4 points) until a total of 8 points, for a final score of 24 points.
    • University students:
      • The scores of the completed courses or their equivalent will be added (Basic Concepts of Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Intermediate Algebra, Psychology, Introduction to Computers and English) and divided by the total of credits taken and multiplied by the total number of courses (maximum of 6) up to a total of 24 points (Total points ÷ total credits = _ _ total x of courses taken (maximum of 6) = ____).
  • One point (1) will be granted for attendance at the Program orientation.
  • One point (1) will be granted if the applicant has experience in health related professions.
  • A two point (2) bonus will be granted if it is second-time application.
  • The total of points will be added for the final maximum score of 30 points.
  • The applicants will be ordered in descending order from the highest to the lowest score and those with the highest scores will be selected. The maximum number of students per year will be determined based on the facilities and resources available to take care of them.
  •  The candidates will be informed of the decision of the Admissions Committee after admission, students must present:
    • Two (2) photos 2 x 2
    • Health certificate
    • Evidence of vaccination against Hepatitis B
    • Certificate of no criminal record
Academic Progress Requirements
  •  Meet the academic progress norms established in Inter-American University’s General Catalog.
  • Pass all major courses (RATE) with minimum grade of C. The clinical practices RATE 2910, 2912, 2913 & 2019.
  • Students who fail on two occasions in the same major course will be put on probation in the Radiological Technology Program. If they fail during the probationary period in the same course, they will be dismissed from the Program.
  • Once students are assigned to a clinical affiliate, they must attend as programmed by the Program Office.
  • Three (3) or more days of absence during the semester in a course with clinical practice, without reasonable justification, will result in the student being dropped from the course.
Transfer Requirements
  • Comply with all admission norms for transfer students established in the General Catalog and in that of the corresponding Campus.
  • The Program Coordinator or the Coordinator’s authorized representative will evaluate the file and determine courses equivalences.

Curricular Sequence: Please click here to view the program’s curricular sequence.