Important Information

Important Information

The program provides this section for students and faculty to constantly have full access the program policies. The program continuously foments the inclusion of these documents in the student’s handbook in order to keep them updated with this information. The policies discussed the way students can proceed and behave in the academic and clinical environment. Majority of the policies includes the topics of radiologic protection, radiation safety among others.

Program Handbook

Radiology Safety Policy

Pregnancy Policy

Student’s Grievance Process

Safety in Dealing with Body Substances Policy

Campus Safety and Emergency Procedures

Direct and Indirect Supervision Policy  

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Click here to write us an e-mail or call direct to the Healthcare Department 787-284-1912 x 3322, 3318

Program Coordinator
Prof. Mary J. Miranda Chamorro, L.T. M.Ed.
Program Coordinator
Health Sciences Department
Office 205-A 787-284-1912 ext. 3302

Clinical Coordinator
Ángel G. Torres Maldonado, L.T. Ed.D.
Clinical Practice Coordinator
Health Sciences Department
Office F-202 787-284-1912 ext. 3311

Prof. Ricardo J. Adames Soto, L.T. M.Ed
Health Sciences Department
Office F-204
787-284-1912 ext. 3312

Prof. María L. Vélez Maldonado, L.T. M. Ed.
Faculty Health Sciences Department
Office A-202
787-284-1912 ext. 3304


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