Admission Requirements
  1. Comply with the admissions requirements established in the General Catalog and by the corresponding campus.
  2. To be admitted to the Program, candidates must:
    1. Have a minimum grade point index 2.50.
  3. To be admitted to a clinical practice agency, the following is required:
    1. A recent certificate of no criminal record issued recently by the Puerto Rico Police Department.
    2. A health certificate valid for one year issued by the Health Department.
    3. Evidence of vaccination against Hepatitis B.
Admission Procedure

Undergraduate Admission Procedures

Applicants for admission to any campus of Inter American University of Puerto Rico must:

  • Obtain an application for admission from the Admissions Office of the Campus of their choice or from high school advisors or other authorized personnel. Application forms are also available through the Internet.
  • Submit the completed application to the Admissions Office of the chosen Campus, preferably by May 1, to apply for the fall semester, by November 15 to apply for the spring semester and by April 15 to apply for the summer session. Students in their fourth year of high school are advised to submit the application as soon as they decide to study at this University. By applying before May, they will be able to receive greater orientation about the University and its financial aid programs.

*For the Occupational Therapy Program, the application due date is the first Friday of March, each year; and it is considered for the fall semester (August). Our program has admissions once a year and beginning classes in August.

  • Arrange for a transcript of the high school record to be sent by an authorized representative of the secondary school to the appropriate Admissions Office.
  • Arrange for the CEO test results to be sent to the appropriate Admissions Office.
  • Submit an updated certificate of vaccination if the student is less than 21 years old, except students interested in taking courses in other countries through distance learning. Final decisions regarding applications will normally reach the applicant no later than three weeks after all application materials have been received by the University. If for any reason the University requires more time, the applicant will be notified. A personal interview of an applicant for admission may be required.

For other Admissions requirements please visit:

Non-Discrimination Policy

Having an Institution free of discrimination is at the core of our value system as stated on our mission statement which reads:

“Inter American University of Puerto Rico Institution (UIAPR)-Wide Mission- Developing the talents of men and women, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, age or nationality is IAUPR’s main purpose. The Campuses offer diversified programs including, but not limited to, a liberal undergraduate education as well as graduate, professional and occupational programs leading to the degrees, diplomas and certificates usually granted by higher education institutions.”

The Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus strives to have an admissions process that does not discriminate in any manner against any applicant.

Reasonable Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations maybe request by contacting the Deanship of Students. Please visit: for additional information.