Curriculum Design


Academic Progress Requirements

  1. Meet all the academic progress norms established in the University’s General Catalog.
  2.  Pass all major courses with a minimum grade of C.
  3. Students who fail on two occasions in a same major course will be placed on probation in the Occupational Therapy Program. Students failing during the probation period in the same course will be dropped from the Program.
  4. Level II Fieldwork is an integral part of the program and is required to successfully complete the program. Students must complete Level II Fieldwork within 15 months of effectively completing the didactic portion of the program. Level II Fieldwork must be completed concurrently with OCTH 2975 – Integrated Seminar.
  5. The minimum grade point average (GPA) required to remain in the program is 2.00 or better in each semester, and cumulatively throughout the program.

Transfer Requirements

  1. Comply with the admissions requirements for transfer students established in the General Catalog and by the corresponding Campus.
  2. Admission of transfer students to the Program or to take courses of the major with combined registration requires the previous authorization of both Program Coordinator and the Division Academic Coordinator.
  3.  If the student leaves the program after the second year second semester (prior to OCTH 2922 – Fieldwork II), the student will have a period of one year to return to the Program without academic penalty. If the student returns after that period of time, the student may have to repeat some courses or take a series of exams or remediate courses as determined by the OTA Program Coordinator.

Graduation Requirements for Associate Degrees

To complete requirements for graduation with an Associate Degree from Inter American University, students must:

  1. Complete satisfactorily a minimum of 52 academic credits.
  2. Complete the General Education academic requirements and those specified in the program for the Associate Degree for which they are candidates.
  3. Achieve an overall grade point index of 2.00 or higher.
  4. Achieve a cumulative grade point index of 2.00 or higher in the major.
  5. Complete satisfactorily no less than one-third of all the credits required for the degree at Inter American University. Credits obtained by Proficiency Examinations will not count toward this requirement.
  6. Complete satisfactorily at Inter American University no less than one-third of all course credits required for the degree.

General Education Requirements for Associate Degrees

General Education Requirements for Associate Degrees – 23 credits

GESP    1101, 1102      Spanish 6
GEEN   1101,1102        English 6
GEMA  1000    Mathematics 3
GEHS   2010    Historical Process of Puerto Rico 3
GECF    1010    The Christian Faith 3
GEIC    1010    Information and Computer Literacy 3