Admission Requirements

All students admitted to the university that wish admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) will receive a Provisional Admission to the major of their interest until they satisfy the admission requirements of the TEP.

To be admitted or readmitted to the Teacher Education Program (TEP), students must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Have a minimum academic grade point average of 2.50 at the university level.
  2. Have approved the following courses with a minimum grade of B.
    • EDUC 1080 (Field Experience in the Educational Scenario I), or its equivalent.
    • EDUC 2021 (History and Philosophy of Education) or EDUC 2022 (Society and Education) or EDUC 2031 (Developmental Psychology).
    • GESP 1101 (Literature and Communication: Narrative and Essay) and 1102 (Literature and Communication: Poetry and Theater).
    • A course in English at one of the following levels of English.
      • Basic Level: GEEN 1101 and 1102 (English as a Second Language I and II)
      • Intermediate Level: GEEN 1201 and 1202 (Development of English through Reading I) or GEEN 1202 (Development of English through Reading II).
      • Advanced Level: GEEN 2311 (Reading and Writing) and 2312 (Literature and Writing). Students wishing to enter the Teaching of English as a Second Language at the Elementary Level program or the Teaching of English as a Second Language at the Secondary Level program must have passed the courses GEEN 2311 (Reading and Writing) or GEEN 2312 (Literature and Writing).
  3. Students will have two (2) semesters or three (3) trimesters from their Provisional Admission to the TEP to complete the admission requirements. If they do not complete these requirements in the required time, they must choose another field of study.

Admission Requirements for the Course Clinical Experiences in the Educational Scenario II (EDUC 4013) or Practice Teaching in the TEP

  1. Have passed the core course requirements of the program, except EDUC 4551 and 4552.
  2. Have passed the major requirements.
  3. Have a minimum general academic point average of 3.00.
  4. Have a minimum general academic point average of 3.00 in the major.
  5. Submit the Application for Admission to Teaching Practicum Course in the TEP and have the approval of the coordinator or the Teaching Practicum Supervisor.

Students in online programs that are candidates for practice teaching must adhere to the requirements established in this catalog and the regulations of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico. In the case of nonresidents of Puerto Rico, these must inquire about the procedures established in their place of residence and complete the proper proceedings. The location of the clinical experience courses will be subject to the approval of the institution as well as of the pertinent school authorities.