Licensure Information

Licensure Information

The Program is directed to the formation of teachers within a curriculum that provides an accumulation of articulated experiences, which, at the same time, provides space for the construction of the pedagogical knowledge and content that will develop the future teacher. The Teacher Education Program (TEP) constitutes an answer to the needs and aspirations of a society in constant change and to the requirements of the Certification of Teachers Regulations of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico (General Catalog 2019-2020).  The program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

Teacher Preparation Program: Summary Pass-Rates (PCMAS)

Academic Year Number taking test Number passing tests Pass rate
2014-2015 31 23 74%
2015-2016 20 14 70%
2016-2017 19 15 79%
2017-2018 22 19 86%
2018-2019 13 12 92%

Source: College Board Administration

Teacher Certification Test (PCMAS) has demonstrated a tendency to increase the passing rate during the last years.  Faculty have enforced several strategies to comply with this change. They include a review of the fundamentals of the general education program, assessment of the professional competencies in education, workshops in diverse academic materials, and periodic evaluations in the Practicum course. Faculty asserts grades in the different courses evidence many of the qualities required as part of the teaching standards tested on the PCMAS, thus providing multiple sources of evidence as to the quality of the program.