1. Senior Personnel

Juan Díaz, the proposed Principal Investigator, will spend 15.0% of her academic year time on the project. The $10,852 requested is 15.0% of her base salary of $72,347. Summer term support of $16,278 is requested for 16.67%. The Inter American University academic year is ten months. The summer term is two months. Summer salary requests for academic appointees are limited to 45% of base pay. Juan Díaz, Ed.D., the proposed Project Director, will spend 30.0% of his time on the project for 12 months. The $16,500 requested is 30% of his annual salary of $55,000.

2. Other Personnel

Graduate research assistant cost of $11,840 is requested to support four students for 4 months at 20 hours per week. The hourly average rate is $9.25/hour (4 students x 4 months x 80 hour/month x $9.25/hour = $11,840). Graduate research assistants will administer phone surveys in Phase I, review patient records, summarize and tabulate data for analysis.

3. Fringe Benefits

IAUPR’s federally approved fringe benefit rate is 20% for full-timer personnel and 8% for part-time personnel and faculty summer effort. Fringe benefits include health insurance, retirement, social security, and unemployment. $5,752 is budgeted for Dr. Doe’s fringe benefits at 20% academic and 8% during the summer term. $6,815 is budgeted for Dr. Smith’s fringe benefits at 20%. $924 Graduate research assistant fringe benefits are budgeted at the part-time rate of 8%.

4. Travel

The Association of Pediatric Studies requires participation in an annual conference during the project year. This is budgeted at $279 and is scheduled in 2012 in Washington, D.C. for two days. The per diem rate is $65 per day, $84 total per diem. The second trip is for travel to the National Conference on Delinquency Prevention, location to be determined, for three days. The funds requested are for the PI and PD. The project is requesting total travel of $2,082 for this trip. $1,200 for airfare ($600 per person roundtrip); $540 for lodging ($90 per person for three nights); $90 for ground transportation for three days ($15/day per person); and $252 for meals and incidentals ($65/day per person).

5. Other Direct Costs

Other funds requested include $500 for postage to mail materials to all partnerships and coalition sites (a total of 25) across the P. R. The materials will be large and will require additional postage. The project will also need to mail announcements to all partnerships and coalitions as well as State Departments of Health (a total of 75 announcements). $750 is being requested to cover duplication costs associated with the materials and announcements. A total of $1,000 is being requested to cover telephone expenses to all partnerships, coalitions, and State Departments of Health for technical assistance associated with the project, and for the telephone surveys being conducted. The $17,296 requested is tuition remission for four graduate research assistants ($540.50 per credit hour for 8 credit hours per term for one term per student).

6. Subawardee – University of Puerto Rico

$65,000 is requested as a subaward to the University of Puerto Rico. John Allen, Ph.D., will devote 20.0% FTE (2.4 person months) to screen the study group based on the APDOS criteria originally developed by Dr. Allen. Dr. Allen is a recognized expert in the field of adolescent behavior. Salary cost is allocated at $30,000 with fringe benefits of $15,000. Lab supplies are budgeted 2,000 and $18,000 is budgeted for the 6-month facility rental in Ponce, Puerto Rico, for the study group.

7. Total Direct Costs

The total direct costs requested for this project are $139,366

8. Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Costs

The F&A (indirect) cost rate for IAUPR is 48.0% MTDC (excluding tuition). The total indirect costs being requested are $70,594.

9. Total Direct and Indirect Costs

The total costs being requested for this project are $209,960.