Programas Doctorales

Doctorate in Philosophy in Second Language Research

The Doctorate in Philosophy in Second Language Research is designed to prepare leaders in the field of second language (SLR) research. Program graduates will develop a strong approach to the investigation of the influential factors in second language acquisition and use. The program will provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct high-quality quantitative and qualitative investigation, as well as action research in educational and non-educational scenarios. Dissemination of research results is a key component of the investigation process, and the program requires production of publication-quality research articles for many of the courses. The program is offered in English and exclusively through Distance Learning.

Curricular Sequence

For a detailed description of courses by program, please consult the Graduate Catalog. Graduate Catalog 2015-2017

Admission Requirements

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Financial Aid

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Necessary Documents

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Frequently Asked Questions

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